Since it was completed in 1919, the Presidential Office Building and the people of Taiwan have witnessed the historical changes of our nation over time. Since the advent of democracy, the Presidential Office space has gradually been opened up to the public, shedding its authoritarian character. In the spirit of an "Open Presidential Office Building, "President Tsai Ing-wen has brought in a variety of unique exhibits since taking office, giving visitors a chance to admire Taiwan's outstanding accomplishments in many fields. The Presidential Office has also continued to work with Taiwan's professional design community to inject more private sector creativity and vitality, bringing innovation and diversity to staid official events and creating what is truly a "People's Presidential Office."

The Presidential Office Building will hold a special exhibition to mark its 100th anniversary, taking the concepts of culture and space as its point of departure, and giving the public a panoramic view of how the building has changed over the past century. Inspired by the "People's Presidential Office" concept, the exhibition focuses on the public's point of view through images that capture "100 years of shared memories" and "shared memories in front of the Presidential Office." The Central News Agency (CNA) has been invited to participate in collecting and displaying historical images from the past 100 years. Their rich archive of historical images will help exhibition visitors reflect back on the history they have witnessed over the past century.

In addition, the Office of the President held the "100/100 Presidential Office – A Different Kind of Photo Contest." Entries were judged and chosen by a panel comprised of experts in photography, architecture, art, and culture. Through these photographs, visitors can experience the aesthetic diversity and creativity of the Presidential Office Building. Winning photographs will be displayed in the 100th Anniversary Special Exhibition.

Taiwan's Public Television Service (PTS) will also film a documentary about the Presidential Office Building's 100th anniversary, interviewing people associated with the Presidential Office to trace the building's deep historical significance. During this exhibition, visitors will also get to see rare PTS footage for the first time that is sure to delight—and surprise.

The Presidential Office, in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance, will also be holding a road race combining the building's 100th anniversary and the Uniform Invoice Cup. The Ministry of Finance sponsors the Uniform Invoice Cup annually, and this year, the route for the Taipei race will be centered around the Presidential Office Building, with medals specially designed for the 100th anniversary. Participants will also be able to admire the architectural beauty of the Presidential Office Building during the course of the race.


Key Visual Design Concept

The Presidential Office Building is among the most important structures in Taiwan. It carries with it the history of this land, and holds many of our nation's shared memories. Thus, the overall visual identity is designed around the concept of "progress." Inspiration for the design came from the decorative red-and-white horizontal bands on the building's facade. In the language of design, this pattern signifies speed and forward motion. In the context of the Presidential Office Building centennial, it invites us to remember the past even as we look forward to the century that awaits.

The key visual's graphic design uses horizontal bands and red bricks to reproduce the look of the Presidential Office Building. The red bricks symbolize a foundation built collaboratively by citizens over generations. As the nation marks the building's centennial, this symbolism delivers a message of hope and inspiration. The logo is a three-part combination of red bricks, an arcing curve, and an upward pointing arrow, alluding to the connection between past, present, and future. The foundation left by our predecessors remains with us in the present day as we move toward a future of growing consensus.

As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Presidential Office Building, join us in looking forward to the next 100 years of possibilities!